Velo Transit Waterproof Messenger Bicycle Backpack

Velo Transit Men’s Edge 30 Waterproof Messenger Bicycle Backpack

Made in the USA the Velo Transit Men’s Edge 30 Waterproof Messenger Bicycle Backpack features were all chosen especially for the cycling commuter in mind with multiple large compartments and its contoured shape. A Harsh climate is not a problem with this messenger/commuter backpack.

The Edge 30 backpack is constructed with all high quality materials and attention to detail. The inner seams are all made with Radio-Frequency weld technology which adds waterproofing for the large upper compartment. The roll top cover on the large main compartment allows for quick access, but still gives the benefit of being waterproof. The other pockets all have rugged and sturdy zippers that won’t fray or come undone while riding.

rf welded linerThe four individual pockets gives it plenty of storage available with the large main full length pocket is big enough to hold a laptop/tablet. There is another spacious zipper closed pocket on the upper section. The two lower pockets are perfect for your keys and cell phone with the flat style pocket for maps.

There are side loops that were designed to hold the optional water bottle pocket and additional straps that can be used to carry items. The bonus hi vis Storm Shield folds out of a hidden storage compartment so you get even more protection on wet days and hi visibility It covers the entire exterior of the backpack. The waist strap is huge feature that helps to prevent the bouncing feeling you get from other backpack.

 Key Features


  • Easy access roll top main compartment
  • Storm Shield
  • Four main storage pockets
  • Ergonomically shaped design
  • Capable of holding a laptop and tablet
  • Lightweight design
  • Available in multiple sizes – Men’s large/med. and Women’s small




  • Perfect for daily bicycle commuting
  • Waist strap keep it securely in place
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Zippered secondary pockets
  • Made in Seattle WA
  • Lifetime Warranty




  • None really that we found except not all the front pockets are 100% waterproof nor claim to be but they do a pretty good job with no complaints from any of the reviewers at

 Final Thoughts

veloThe Velo Transit Waterproof Messenger Bicycle Backpack is bike commuters dream, it has plenty of room for your necessities like a laptop/tablet, keys and everything else. The bonus fold out storm shield is great for those people who live in areas known for rain. The overall comfort is where this backpack excels, comfortable straps and contoured shape means you can see around it. As part of our review we checked online and found many consumer reviews posted. The overall rating from the reviews we found was 4.9 stars out of a possible five stars. The comments were positive with the size and placement of the pockets. The overall durability was next on the list agreeing that the 100% waterproofing was a definite plus.Everyone was in agreement that they would recommend this commuter pack.If you are in the market for a new backpack, you really need to take a look at the Edge 30.


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