Velo Transit Men’s Module Lite 25 Waterproof Laptop Bicycle Backpack

My Review Of The  Velo Transit Men’s Module Lite 25 Waterproof Laptop Bicycle Backpack

This is a bike backpack that is actually 100% waterproof. Many times I’ve bought backpacks that say they are but water gets into the zippers or still slightly seeps through the material — not this time. If you want something light weight, comfortable, and ultimately function this is the pack for you. I like how it rolls inwards to protect the contents from water but it also acts as an expander in case you have a little too much to carry that day. For a slim backpack this will certainly hold a lot of gear

What I enjoy most about this bag is that it holds a lot without feeling like it’s ripping from the seams or barely holding itself together. Usually with cheaper backpacks I can barely get my laptop in there without being concerned that it will fall right through the bag.

Made In Seattle WA

velovelo-mensThe pockets are pretty accessible and convenient with a front stash pocket for your U lock. The bright yellow interior of the pack is a great idea for finding stuff at the bottom of your bag.The straps are pretty standard and padded fairly well. A nice inclusion is the chest buckle for when you’re moving a bit too fast and need extra security. As for the material the waterproof part is sleek as expected making it light weight and easily washable.


Velo Transit Men's Module Lite 25 Waterproof Laptop Bicycle Backpack

The back of the bag is 3D mesh and it serves itself well. I thought the plastic buckles would be a bit dingy but they are sturdy, strong, and fast to clasp and unclasp compared to metal snaps or even zippers. If the clasp ever does break, I can easily replace it myself.The Velo Transit Men’s Module Lite 25 Waterproof Laptop Bicycle Backpack comes with a lifetime warranty but I am pretty sure will never have to use it.

A wonderful feature that is a plus if you’re a biker is the ability to strap reflectors or blinkers to the back of the bag. We all try to come up with creative ways to add reflection or lights to ourselves and this seems to be a pretty effective way to make yourself safe and seen. Overall I’d highly recommend this bag to cyclists or anyone who has to deal with rainy weather. If you would like to check out more reviews CLICK HERE  or to buy

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