Seattle Sports Co. Aquaknot Dry Bag Backpack

Seattle Sports Co. Aquaknot Dry Bag Backpack Review

Updated 15 September 2015

The Seattle Sports Co. Aquaknot Dry Bag Backpack is the ultimate in versatility. Its unique multiple closure configuration it is suitable for a wide range of uses. It comes in two models and capacity sizes, there is sure to be one that fits your needs.

The 3-way closure system engineered by Seattle Sports Co. is unique to the Aquaknot Backpacks. Depending on your specific use of the bag you can select the single center strap which holds it closed but offers no waterproofing. For the times you are concerned about water getting in you can use the traditional fold over and clipping at the top. For those who prefer a clean looks the fold down straps can be clipped down the side.

The Aquaknot Dry Bag  is made with a high quality waterproof material that is both lightweight and impervious to moisture. The straps are made of an ultra strong webbing and feature comfortable padding at the shoulders and a special lumbar support pad. For added comfort there is a waist strap to keep it from bouncing around too much.

For extra storage there are two side mounted pockets for quick, easy access. For safety Seattle Sports Co. added a couple of reflective strips so ensure you are seen while riding at night or early morning.

 Key Features


  • Two models available Aquaknot 1200 (1200 cu. in.) and Aquaknot 1800 (1800 cu. in.)
  • Waterproof
  • Unique 3-way closure system
  • Padded Shoulder straps and waist strap
  • Lumbar support pad
  • Side mounted storage pockets
  • Cool Airflow back panel design




  • Perfect for watersports enthusiasts
  • Easy access closure system
  • Side mounted storage pockets
  • Lightweight, even when packed



  • Some reviewers reported that seams tend to separate easily


My Final Thoughts

The Seattle Sports Co. Aquaknot Dry Bag Backpack was designed for everyone that enjoys outdoor activities whether your favorites are watersports, hiking or biking. The 3-way closure system was designed especially for versatility. It can be cinched completely closed to keep out the water or using the single Velcro strap in the center to keep out the dust and wind.

We found numerous consumer reviews of the is Aquaknot backpacks online and it received very good ratings (4.2 stars out of 5 stars). The overwhelming majority of the ratings have been extremely positive. The 3-way closure system and its lightweight design. The only negative we were able to find was that a few people thought its durability lagged behind other backpacks.

If you are looking for a good backpack for your outdoor adventures the Seattle Sports Co. Aquaknot Dry Bag Backpack will fit the bill. Just Click Here  to check it out for yourself.

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