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Are you looking for a waterproof backpack? Check out our reviews of the the best waterproof backpacks on the market today. Updated Weekly

Overboard water proof pro sport backpack

The Overboard water proof pro- sport backpack offers you high water resistance. The dry bag features seamless welds and is made of  PVC and 600d nylon. Other great  feature in this class 3 water proof backpack include special padded shoulder straps, padded back, adjustable sternum strap, waist belt , top  to carry handle  among other unique internalized  features. You do not have to mix your keys and wallet with your clothes, the hanging internal pocket features a zipper that secures the main compartment after  you roll the  top down three times. Buckle the ends together either on the top sides or secure the rolled top with the Velcro strap closure on the top. With a height of 43 cm 17 in, width of 24cm 9.5inch and a  capacity of 1200 cubic inches you can rest assured that you will have enough space for your sport necessities.

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Aquaquest waterproof backpack Dry bag

If you are looking for a waterproof protection in a mufti functional backpack, then you cannot miss the Aqua-quest 100% water proof backpack.The bag features a superb design with strong straps that make it easy for you to carry all you gear comfortably. The dry bag offers a 100% protection. You can sit with your backpack in a puddle all day without having to worry about water getting to your personal belongings.The bag comes with one year warranty from aqua – quest. It features strong straps that make easy and comfortable to carry as you continue with your sports. Whether you are swimming, skiing, riding, boating among other sporting activities, Aqua quest will offer you the best waterproof properties.A really good feature to this backpack is its two pockets for water bottles located on the sides for easy access so you can keep yourself hydrated on the move.

Aqua-Quest ‘The Sport’ Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag


Seattle Sports Co. Aqua knot Dry bag Backpack

For a more super comfortable backpack look for the Seattle Sports Co. Aqua knot dry bag backpack with a unique airflow design. The backpack is well suited for use in different activities ranging from rafting, cycling among other adventures. The Seattle sport boasts special gusseted side exterior storage side pockets and super reflective patches that make a great looking waterproof backpack. The bag has good depth and width that ensures that your luggage is not compressed. You do not have to worry about your laptop, iPod camera or any other gadget the Seattle sports Co. Aqua Knot will offer you a 100%  waterproof. To make sure that you remain comfortable as you carry the bag, the back features special tailored straps that fit well on your shoulders.This backpack has three way system for closing, if you do not need the pack to be totally waterproof if cycling on a dry day you can quickly close the bag with this system.

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Aqua quest 100 % waterproof backpack dry bag-‘styling’ 30l /

The Aqua 100 % waterproof backpack dry bag popularly known as the ‘styling’ is built to offer you the best in all your activities. The backpack is a superb choice for anybody who spends most of their time outside. You will certainly be impressed by the backpacks features and the ‘Styling’ comes with one year warranty from Aqua Quest. The backpack will accommodate your entire luggage without compressing them too much and has a 1800 cubic inch capacity. To make the backpack unique the top carry handle, adjustable sternum strap, waist belt and the shoulder strap make this pack strong and comfortable to carry and it is suitable for men and women.If you are looking for waterproof backpack with the exceptional waterproof  properties and a super style design, then you cannot miss the Aqua quest 100% waterproof backpack.

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