The Best Waterproof Camera Bag To Keep Your Gear Dry

Taking A Look At The Overboard Waterproof Camera Bag

Updated September 2015

The OverBoard Waterproof Roll-Top SLR Camera Bag, Grey/Black, 7-Liter is great camera bag for those people who like the great outdoors and want to be able to safely bring their camera with them. The material used in the construction of this waterproof camera bag provides a high level of protection from water and other debris.

It is made from a high quality 600D PVC Tarpaulin material that helps to keep water, dust and dirt from getting inside and damaging your camera equipment. It also has large mesh pocket for holding accessories and keeps them from moving around inside the bag.

The roll down closure is adjustable and when rolled completely down it forms a waterproof seal and according to the manufacturer it has a waterproof level of class 3 and can withstand being immersed in water briefly.

It includes an adjustable shoulder strap that clips onto loops on each side of the bag using carabiner style clips. The roll down closure clips together and forms a convenient carrying handle.

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Key Features

    • Roll down cover creates a waterproof seal
    • Fabric made from 600D PVC Tarpaulin
    • Spacious, 7-Liter main compartment
    • Protective inner lining
    • Protects from quick submersion
    • Level 3 waterproof rating


    • Keeps water away from your valuable camera equipment
    • Convenient shoulder strap clips securely to fasteners on each side of the bag
    • Roll down cover clips together to form a carrying handle at the top
    • Holds a full size SLR camera and a couple of lenses


  • It’s smallish size limits what you can carry


Our Final Thoughts

overboard_camera-bagThe OverBoard Waterproof Roll-Top SLR Camera Bag, is the perfect camera bag for anyone who likes being around the water and likes to bring their camera with them. The heavy-duty tarpaulin material makes it very rugged but also soft against your body as you are carrying it. The cover rolls down and clips together at the top and forms a waterproof seal.

As part of our research for this review of the  7-Liter camera bag we found many consumer reviews posted online. According to 20+ reviews it is a more than adequate camera bag and they gave it an average rating of 4 stars out of a possible 5 stars. The roll down design of the closure is very easy to use and really does keep water, dirt and other debris from getting inside. The adjustable strap makes it very convenient to carry for long periods of time. The only real concern that was mentioned was that it does not hold as much as they had hoped.

If you are looking for a new camera bag, you should take at the OverBoard Waterproof Roll-Top SLR Camera Bag, it is well worth it. For more information, just click here.