Velo Transit Women’s Waterproof Laptop Bicycle Backpack

Why I like The Velo Transit Women’s Waterproof Laptop Bicycle Backpack

As somebody who spends a lot of time on my bike, I felt it was time to treat myself and upgrade my backpack. I found that my old backpack was too long and bulky for the bike and was causing me some mobility issues. A friend recommended the Velo Transit to me, and I thought it was worth giving a go as I needed something more professional. If you’ve been looking into buying Velo Transit too, you might find this review quite useful.


As soon as you slip on the Transit backpack you can feel this is a well designed pack and it’s really comfy on your back.There’s no swing and it feels nice and snug when you are riding. This was important as you don’t want to be wearing loose backpacks when you are cycling. In terms of the size  I was able to fit all of my required goodies and tools into the backpack and still have space at the top.The material quality is excellent and craftsmanship is superior. This is one of the best  fitting backpacks I’ve had in quite some time.The Velo is made in the USA in Seattle WA.

Velo-Transit-Womens-Waterproof-Laptop-Bicycle-Backpack Velo-Transit-Women-Waterproof-Laptop-Bicycle-Backpack


It’s 100% waterproof for a start which is a huge help for those of us who are sick of getting from A to B with all there gear drenched. This is really important, and when you add in all of the extras like the seamless back panel and upgraded harness you have a very comfortable backpack.I like the dual blinker mounts so you can add your own lights and the reflective tape is a great for safety and visibility. For the summer months a  3D Mesh-lined panel on the back will help with sweating.The pack  comes in many sizes and colors perfect for both men and women,so if you are looking for a bag that’s unisex and pretty damn sturdy and useful this is the one for you.



Because its designed for carrying laptops it’s great for those who want to ride into work. This makes it even more useful for me as I write freelance and spend a lot of time going from random places just finding somewhere new to draw inspiration from. Considering the amount of bumps and bangs I take due to my lack of cycling skills, the bag itself has held up incredibly well – there’s barely even a mark on it, and I’ve had a few pretty embarrassing falls! As this is a fairly new product there are not that many reviews on this size pack but there are plenty here on the larger model

Overall Thoughts

It might be a bit more than you would usually pay for a bag, but for the quality you get you can trust me when I say it’s worth every penny. It’s comfortable and has plenty of space whether it’s for the laptop or anything else that you need to take with you. You can also buy accessories to add to the backpack (water bottle pocket,extra side pockets,laptop pouch,phone pocket)This pack will last you for plenty of years to come without any real fears of it breaking on you. To Check Out The Velo Transit Women’s Waterproof Laptop Bicycle Backpack At Amazon Click Here