Top Tips For Packing A Backpack

Tips For Packing A BackpackWhen going traveling or on an expedition with your friends you need to be organized, this will save you a lot of time and a lot of stress further down the line.Take a look at our top tips for packing a backpack and keeping all your valuables safe and secure.

Make Your Valuables Hard To Find

Make sure you split your bank cards,cash,passport,visa and other valuables into separate places and pockets in your backpack, money belt. If you do have an opportunist thief rummaging through your bag when your back is turned they wont get everything very easily.

Lock Up Your Backpack

Take a small bike lock with you so you can easily chain your bag to something sturdy when you have to nip to the restroom.Most packs have a metal clasp that you can attach it to,do not attach it to a strap as it could easily be cut.Also make sure you try it before you leave to make sure it fits and advise you mates to do the same as if all the bags are linked to each other they will be harder to take.

Scan Your Valuables

Scan as many valuables as you can with your home scanner like visa, c/cards, passport then email them to yourself with a gmail account that is accessible worldwide.Then if you do get anything stolen you have all the details handy.Remember to scan both sides of documents and bank cards as they usually have all the contact numbers on the back.Also print out a list of your important numbers from your phone in case it gets damaged or stolen.

Zip Lock Packing

When packing, put all your clothes in zip lock clear plastic bags.Make sure that all items are grouped together one for underwear one for t shirts, you get the idea.This is really useful if you get caught in a thunderstorm and you don’t have a waterproof backpack. Also when you stop for the night it is easy to unpack a series of clear plastic bags and know where everything is rather than rummaging through your bag to find your lost sock.If you do get stopped going through customs it will be so much easier to take out all your belongings rather than having to display all you underwear and personal items to the whole airport.

Keep Spare Clothes In Friends Bag

When moving on to a different country by airplane make sure you put a spare set of clothes in a friends bag and vice versa. So if your backpack does get lost in transit you will have a spare set of clothes to wear until the airline gets your bag back to you.Also you should never keep any medication in your backpack or bag always carry it in your hand luggage for that very same reason.


I hope these tips helped you.