Aqua Quest Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag

UPDATED 1 September 2015

Aqua-Quest ‘The Stylin’ Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag

The Aqua-Quest Backpack Dry bag is 100% waterproof. It is also very sturdy, and designed specifically for outdoor activities. From backpacking and hiking to camping, this backpack is highly durable and perfect for outdoor enthusiasts that want to keep their gear dry. With 400 x 400 Ripstop Nylon fabric and TPU coating, the bag is very soft and comfortable. It also has a fully adjustable strap system for added comfort and flexibility.

Whether your hiking on nature walks, or even hunting, this popular backpack will effectively meet your needs and budget. The backpack has also received stellar reviews from customers and industry critics alike. If you are tired of camping gear getting soaked every time you cross a stream or river, the Aqua Quest Waterproof Backpack Drybag is simply the product for you.

Product Features

the stylin

The Stylin

This backpack comes in a vintage yet stylish Charcoal gray color. With beige straps and red accents, the bag is both stylish and extremely functional. Customers also receive a one year warranty from Aqua-Quest . As a global leader in high-end functional dry systems, this brand has received nearly 5 stars at It has also secured high rankings on several other sports and outdoor recreational sites. The bag’s dimensions are 21.5 x 12 x 12 inches, and weighs 1.8 pounds. While lightweight and flexible in design, some strength will be needed to hoist the bag over the back. It should not be overstuffed as well, which can result in struggling over rocky terrains.


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There are several benefits of owning an Aqua-Quest Backpack. For one, your items and gear are guaranteed to stay dry at all times. With its user-friendly design, users have easy access to their items at all times. Even if the bag accidentally falls into a pool, puddle, or river, your personal items will stay as dry as the desert. While the bag is safely secured, most users recommend small locks or padlocks for additional security. With the latter, however, the straps may be too small to facilitate large padlocks. Therefore, a small lock will meet your needs. Several customer reviews also praise the bag’s durable stitching. This allows you to connect any shoulder or side straps. For bicyclists, the bag features a reflective design that can easily be spotted by other cyclists, drivers, and commuters. This ensures true safety when in high traffic areas.

The Aqua-Quest Backpack also features a number of side pockets. This is perfect for wallets, keys, or even wireless media devices. The bag can even be used as a substitute for bulky luggage while traveling. With flexible straps and accessories, the bag can be custom fit to meet your everyday needs.  The bag is also equipped with both sternum and waist straps. This ensures maximum fit without slipping or sliding while on the go. While the product has received favorable and great reviews, some users have mentioned that the bag is big. Still, they tend to prefer it over small bags that cannot facilitate all their clothes, towels, water bottles, camping utensils, or gear.

If you are tired of standard and generic backpacks, this bag is a great option. Despite its slight flaws, the brand has received amazing reviews from countless customers on the web. No matter how you utilize the bag, you can safely store all your personal belongings for outdoor trips and activities. For more information on the Aqua-Quest and other waterproof Backpacks, check our guide today.

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